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Marble, granite and quartz…oh my!

Patra Stone Works specializes in natural stone – marble, granite, limstone,soapstone, travertine, onyx, slate and quartz as well as engineered stone such as Caesarstone, Silestone, Quartz Forms, Geos, Chroma, LG Viatera and Diresco. In other words, there are a lot of options to choose from – and for someone just starting the quest for the perfect countertop material, it may be just a bit overwhelming to know which material to pick for your home.

The main two categories you need to know about are natural stone and engineered stone. Here`s a bit about both:

Natural Stone:

When assessing the affordability of natural stone, consider durability,lifespan, uniqueness and timeless quality. These characteristics make it clear that natural stone is very affordable. Natural stone is available primarily in slabs.Many natural stones are available in different sizes, allowing flexibility in design and patterning. The only limit to the use of natural stone is your imagination.

Engineered Stone:

If you are looking for a uniformed look for your kitchen countertops, granite and marble cannot match the uniformity of engineered stone. No matter how many sheets you will need to make your countertops, they will always match. If you are worried about bacteria or mold in your kitchen, quartz is definitely the way to go. It is nonporous, it is easy to clean, and is stain free which makes it an ideal countertop for your kitchen or bathroom. Engineered stone is also durable, scratch resistant and heat resistant.

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